What I Do

To assist my client to achieve top Google rankings in search and Google maps I have made abundant use of on-page and off-page optimisation tools and techniques. Contrary to popular belief my reliance on on-page optimisation tools, techniques and principles is higher than other methods to be able top achieve top Google rankings for my clients. As a principle, I do not rely on automated tools of any sort when I work on on-page optimisation as automation methods tend to push towards un-ethical techniques and are not as effective as when manually done. My attention to detail is a great advantage to me and helps identify high and low points in a web page. This means that I use the ‘human eye’ to manually scan, evaluate and optimise for all on-page elements.

I generally also focus more on on-page optimisation as it would be better to retain any visitors you already get rather than using off-page optimisation, bringing the visitors in and having them leave the website almost as soon as they enter the website.

A very important factor I cannot stress enough about is Google maps marketing. In the dynamic world of internet media optimisation Google maps marketing has become one of the most important factors. A large amount of traffic can be achieved using this form of internet marketing. Another advantage of Google maps marketing is bringing visitors regionally. This helps build a brand from your locality outwards. A lot of businesses are moving towards Google maps marketing as this also helps bring more relevant visitors, meaning well defined and relevant traffic that are looking in specific what you are offering. This helps increase the website’s or business’s conversion rates. Another important factor to remember in Google maps marketing is the brand realisation factor. Having your website and/or business show in Google map results creates awareness of your brand, business, product and/or service.

I offer a complete service package ranging from studying something basic but nevertheless important as meta tags to analysing XHTML and CSS layouts for a very optimised output as well as Google map results, all of which directly impact ranking. All website code is not only W3C validated, but is also properly optimised for search engines.

I have worked on SEO and Google maps projects for several websites and can offer it to you too. I have a large base of resources, from quality authority back link contacts to ethical optimisations strategies that have helped many prosper. You could be one of them if you gave me the opportunity to assist you.

I have a very strong belief in business ethics and as such do not take more than one client for a market niche under any circumstances. This also helps me build a bond with every client for a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

I allow my work to speak for itself and pride myself of many success stories in the world of Google maps marketing and search engine optimisation. In web I trust.

Hammad Sheikh

Hammad Manzil St No 3 Hs No 6

Muslim Park, Shahdara Town,54950

Lahore, Pakistan

+92 (321) 417-0707


Hammad Sheikh