SEO is an umbrella terms that encompasses many elements – all elements that are responsible for bringing your website to the number one page in Google. It is a tool that webmasters can use to make their website discoverable by end users.


  1. It helps you get to the first page of Google, among top 3 results. These are the ones that get clicked.
  2. It helps you find what your customer s are looking and delivering them relevant content to satisfy their needs.
  3. It helps you dominate your niche without spending on PPC.
  4. The ranking achieved by SEO is permanent, unlike PPC rankings which get lost once you stop paying the search engine.
  5. People trust organic listing more than they trust sponsored listing.

I use the following on-page and off-page tools to get desirable ranking for you.

List of on-page Services I offer

Website Structure optimization, website analysis, keyword research, URL optimization, content optimization, image optimization, title optimization, meta description optimization, relevancy and density analysis, website flow analysis, website load time analysis, website design analysis, website validation, HTML and CSS validation, sitemaps creation and deployment, webmasters tool integration, Google or other Analytics tools integration, Google wheel strategy analysis, current positions analysis, Geo targeted demand and supply analysis.

List of off-page services I offer

Directory Submission , article submission or called syndication, blog syndication, press releases submission, link wheel strategy, social networking, social bookmarking, micro-blogging, high PageRank profile creation, etc.

All of these services come together to be known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I have a team of people working on both on-page and off-page factors.

My SEO approach

After taking an assignment, I begin with analyzing the on-page factors to see what all needs to be done to make the website discoverable for search spiders. This step is followed by tweaking all the on-page SEO factors based on the keyword that I have to optimize the website for. Off-page optimization follows afterward, but I allow some cooling off time in between to keep everything look natural to Search’s daddy.

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