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People are much more interested in finding plumbers in their local market then they are interested in looking for a plumber in a city 500 miles away from home. This forced Google to make some change in its search algorithm, because of which search became local, and Google Map listing gain uneven advantage. People at large have started responding positively to the new, uplifted search result.

If you are a small or mid-size business and serve a particular geographic location than you need to be on the top of Google local listing to make a significant dent in your market. If you are not there then your competitors will eat away your market share.

Decision is yours: you want the largest share of your market or want to leave it for your competition?

Contact me now, and I will make your local business top the Google Local listing.

Why you need Google Maps marketing?

  • Because Google has gone local.
  • Local results eat up top spot in Google SERP.
  • Local map listing comes at the top of Google result of geo-targeted keywords.
  • People are increasingly searching for small and mid-size businesses in their vicinity.
  • Click-through rate of local listing is far too higher than the click-through rates of normal listing.

How Google maps optimization can affect your business?

It has been found in numerous researches that when people search for a local keyword, they are looking for a solution to their specific problem, and they need the solution then and there, without any delay. Nothing could be more exciting for searchers, if the search engine returns names, address, and phone number of vendors in searchers’ vicinity.

When customers are desperate to solve their problems, a proper Google Maps optimization puts you in front of the line. And the local result which your customers see also contains your address and phone numbers. This immediately connects you to the people who urgently want to solve their problem. It means more immediate sale.

Get your local business listed in Google for profitable keywords and witness a torrent of customers calling in. Contact me now, for immediate Google Maps listing.

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